Simply-to-install kit consisting of:

- Sensors embedded in the materials: they detect deformations, infiltrations, displacements, and other critical data;

- Slave boards: acquire data from sensors;

- IoM Control Unit: centralizes the data and sends it to the Cloud platform.

The hardware is on FREE LOAN for the customer!

kit software schema

Our platform (AI+Blockchain based) processes what comes from the Central Unit and returns it in the form of data and alerts.

The processed data will be used to provide a predictive maintenance service.

The Blockchain will certify the data: immutable like in a Black Box!

The use of the platform by the customer takes place through a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION depending only on the number of sensors applied!


You tell us the purpose of your monitoring and the context. Then you send us the schematic of the structures and the FEM analysis. Alternatively we can produce the FEM analysis for you. (Setup FEE) The FEM analysis will be the base for our engineers to select and recommend a set of KITS and the type of sensors to use. If you accept our offers, we send you all the kit with the user manual. Then you can assemble it independently according to the instruction manual. Once the assembly is complete, you can activate the platform and start the subscription.

from 3000 $ to 5000 $

SET UP FEE includes:

  • FEM analysis (if required)
  • Sensors mapping
  • KIT Scheme


$200 /months for Platform + Extraordinary Maintenance (Replacement of electronics in case of malfunctions and or breakages) + 15 $ for each sensor

We provide several types of data collection:

  • - external sensor (strain Gauge)
  • - embedded sensors (strain Gauge)
  • - accelerometer
  • - temperature and humidity