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Our Mission is “Making Materials Intelligent”.

We offer our customers the technological infrastructure necessary to create a new line of sensorized products or to sensor existing ones.

Through this new type of their products, customers will have the opportunity to enter the new IoT and Artificial Intelligence market.
We have created and patented the “IoM (Internet of Materials)” system.

It is a kit consisting of embedded sensors and control units that aims to make materials intelligent.

We offer a physical product and a SaaS-based service solution.

KIT “I’ M”

Kit consists of control boards and drownable sensors. The sensors detect the required parameters and send the data to our Control Unit. The manual provides all the instructions for self-assembly.

IoM control unit

It is the central unit of the entire system. It acquires the data coming from the control boards and sends them to our platform. The manual provides all the instructions for self-assembly.

Bricksensitive Web Platform

Our platform processes the data coming from the control units and provides the results in the form of graphs. The reprocessed data will be used to provide a predictive maintenance service. The customer's account is opened at the time of purchase

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Prefabricated companies, general construction and renovation

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