Who makes the Magic?

What We do, We do Best!

img Giammichele Morgante


Founder and CEO

His transversal skills gained during his career, ranging from Production Engineering, Supply-Chain, Logistics, Quality to the Administrative sector, allow him to have a 360 ° view of the entire business.

img Graziana Morgante


Project Manager

Strong and decisive character with natural predisposition to project management. Its accurate analysis of costs, resources and necessary activities, ensure the correct achievement of the set objectives.

img Nicola Dibattista


Materials & Nanotechnologies Engineer

His degree in Materials Engineering, combined with a great practical knowledge of the various engineering sectors, give him great skill and creativity in the development phase of products / systems.

img Alessandro Anastasìa


Electronic Engineer

His extensive knowledge of the world of Open-Source, the world of electronics and computer systems, guarantee a fast prototyping of products / systems.

Paolo Antinucci

Civil Engineer & Domain Expert

Graduated @ Polytechnic of Bari as a Civil Engineer and @ University of L'Aquila with a Construction curriculum. Freelance in architectural design, modeling and seismic recovery. He collaborated with several technical studios and was employed in the post-earthquake reconstruction of L'Aquila. His experience and know-how are fundamental for the development process and direct use of our technology.

Arcangelo Ronco

Mentorship & Lean Startup

Entrepreneur in the field of information technology and business services. He has always been attracted to technologies as "facilitators within everyone's reach", especially when it comes to open source. The interest in open innovation was a natural step. The contaminations born of curiosity and enthusiasm for new challenges, not only in the workplace, facilitate open-mindedness and the search for solutions not as remedies to problems but as the achievement of new horizons.